Prepare your Résumé

  • If you haven't prepared a professional résumé before, we strongly encourage you to seek professional advice in how to best compose a résumé. You can also search online for ideas on how to draft a relevant, proper and correct résumé.
  • Never have grammatical errors and misspelled words in your résumé. Your résumé is the first representation of yourself that an employer will go on to get an idea of who they are going to interview and potentially hire to be a part of their team. If your résumé contains errors it can diminish your chances of getting the job.
  • Ensure your résumé is sent from a professional sounding email address. Most employers would question the professionalism of hiring someone with a email address that was unprofessional. Send your résumé from an email address that has your full name in it separated by an appropriate punctuation mark. Remember that first impressions are vital!
  • Include a professional references section and cover letter. This will ensure that you are providing your prospective employer with all the relevant information about you. Include any special skills, achievements and qualifications as well as a list of those who can support your credentials and work experience.
  • Never put false information in your résumé. As your first tool in getting the job you want, your sense of honesty and openness will definitely have a lasting impression with any prospective employers. Stick to the facts and don't embellish your experiences.
  • You can download a résumé template in word format to get you started.