Martin Walsh Group provides Not-For-Profit Associations and Non-Government Organisation Boards and Committees with the tools and strategy to effectively and efficiently manage their Associations/Organisation and to ensure satisfaction amongst their member bases. We understand the intricacies and politics of managing a member based Association or Organisation and are able to assist boards to navigate the issues they may come across whilst ensuring regulatory and constitutional compliance.

Our Director, James Walsh, possesses close to 10 years experience in the Not-For-Profit sector having led and managed large Associations with memberships in excess of 30,000. He has also held the positions of Board Member, President and Chairman and has a solid understanding of the importance of governance and proper communication.

With our experience in Human Capital Management, we are able to handle all staffing, management, mentoring  and recruitment needs and advise on restructuring or changing the culture within your Association if required. We also have access to Not-For-Profit specific Legal and Accounting firms who are able to provide specific advice when needed.

Our client services include:

  • Project and event Management
  • Political lobbying and planning
  • Constitutional reviews
  • Executive Officer / General Manager Services
  • Policy Development and Implementation
  • Media and Marketing Communications
  • Database / Membership management
  • Financial, staff and operational management
  • Reviewing and restructuring Associations
  • Strategic and Business Planning
  • Mission and vision planning
  • Communication strategy