Local Experience Only!

Are you a migrant engineer or job seeker looking for work in Australia? Have you been knocked back because you don’t have local experience? If so, read on…

We receive a lot of criticism from migrant engineers and job seekers who are unable to find work because they don’t have local experience. We can understand your frustration, I mean, how can you get local experience if no one will give you a go?

Perhaps the issue is that you are applying for jobs through recruiters!

For the purposes of this article it’s important to remember that recruitment businesses are a commercial operation that are there to make profit. In fact, recruitment consultants who aren’t profitable for their employer are often sacked for lack of performance.

Herein lies the issue! You must understand that when you approach a recruiter to represent you, that recruiter will charge their client a fee to introduce you to them. That’s how recruiters make money! A typical recruitment fee is a negotiated % of your first year’s remuneration. The recruiter then provides the client with a guarantee that the placed candidate works out for a certain amount of time!

In order to present a candidate to a client, the recruiter must meet the specific criteria that the client has requested they look for. That often includes a requirement for a specified amount of local experience or education.

A recruiter who represents a candidate that does not meet their client’s requirements, is a recruiter that is wasting their client’s time. Given that ‘time saving’ is the main reason businesses engage recruiters, it is therefore practical to assume that recruiters don’t want to risk wasting their client’s time and therefore prejudicing the commercial relationship they have with the client.

Generally, businesses don’t want to pay a recruitment fee for a candidate who is an unknown in the local market; so, our advice to candidates who find themselves in these positions is remove the recruiter from the equation. By not applying through a recruiter, you also remove the requirement for a fee to be paid for your introduction. This becomes a better prospect for a business who may wish to trial an applicant with no local experience.

Your best bet is to make a list of the companies you want to work for and approach them yourself. Search through LinkedIn and find the appropriate manager, pick up the phone and ask to speak with them directly or visit the business in person and hand in your CV. Take the initiative to stand out from the rest of your competition!

When I was looking for my first job out of school it’s what I did! Good old-fashioned legwork! I hope this helps and we wish you luck with your job search.

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