Consider the average recruitment company process. You provide a job specification, they advertise the role, then forward you the résumés they feel appropriate before you have to spend hours scrolling through them trying to decide whether the candidates are worth interviewing.

Is this process really delivering the ‘best’ candidates for your vacancy?

How does this actually ‘add value’ to your recruitment process?

In this scenario, all the recruitment company is doing is advertising your job and then forwarding you candidates who have applied to their advertisement – you can do all this yourself for a lot less than a recruitment fee!

Businesses need to select a recruitment partner who can demonstrate results, accountability and credibility for their services!

At Martin Walsh Group, we uncover and understand job competencies rather than just a skills list. Once the core competencies are understood, we set in place a plan to approach and attract candidates who are not looking at advertisements (we only advertise in conjunction with the hiring company if necessary).

The candidates we source come from our market research and referral networks. Compared to their peers, they are top performers and have a solid reputation within their industry. These candidates are passive, they are not looking at adverts as they are generally not looking for work, but are open to discussing career opportunities ‘for the right position!’.

When presenting a candidate to you, they have all been through a thorough competency based interview and testing (if required). We will always discuss short-listed candidates with you first so if you have any questions, these can be clarified prior to representation. We do this so you don’t have to read between the lines of a CV and try to decipher what it all means. All this collectively means you receive a better quality candidate without wasting your time.

We are able to tailor many different solutions to meet your recruitment needs, however our core business is structured around search and selection. The advantages of a search and selection assignment are as follows:

As with any project, a retained assignment allows us to work to a defined timeline to ensure delivery in a timely manner. This allows clients to be able to plan for an expected start date.
Any search assignment starts with a lengthy research into the client's core business and market. In order to identify suitable candidates, the consultant will start to map and clearly define target candidates to approach on behalf of the client. This ensures that instead of choosing from a shortlist of candidates that may have some of the required skills, you are choosing from a shortlist of specifically chosen individuals who have been targeted as they match your requirements
As the candidates that we are approaching are not currently looking for opportunities, we are in a position to focus on specific skill sets in the market. With a detailed specification of client wants and needs, we are able to hone in on the candidates that have the relevant experience. This also equates to substantial time saving for the client as they can be sure on interview that they are not wasting their time interviewing unsuitable candidates.
Candidates that reply to ad response are on the market for a reason. Recruitment statistics show that one of the main reasons that candidates are looking for a new opportunity is due to lack of performance in their current role. With a Search Assignment, we are going to market to find candidates that are not necessarily looking for a new opportunity. These candidates are often in the upper quartile of performers within their current organisations.