About us

Formed in 2009, Martin Walsh Group Pty Ltd set out to compete with Australia’s best Human Capital and Management Consulting firms by delivering our tailored recruitment services in an equitable and professional way.  Core to our strategy is to become recognised by our industry knowledge and ability to deliver premium personnel to skill short occupations in a professional and equitable way.

Since our inception, we have grown to include specialist consulting services to the not-for-profit & non-government organisation sector. We are able to provide Boards and Committees not only with the right staff but also the tools and strategy to effectively and efficiently manage their organisations and to ensure satisfaction among their member bases.

Martin Walsh Group Values


To be recognised as a true market leader and be genuinely networked within our clients industries.


As a positive, proactive group we are prompt in our delivery and will ensure a positive outcome. No solution is out of reach if we work together.


We believe in a straightforward approach. Talking directly and not hiding from the truth.


To respect and to be respected in our industry with both clients and peers so that we can build a reputation as a leading think-tank and solutions provider to business.


Helping businesses and individuals achieve results by providing a high level of professional business services.

To actually consult!

Central to our philosophy is to develop individual solutions for clients on a case-by-case basis suiting their business or individual needs. No two clients are the same!